Ready Mason’s Blend Type S


Ready Mason’s Blend Type S

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Ready Mason Blended Type S is premixed Masonry Cement and Dried Mason Sand Blended to meet the requirements of ASTM C-270 & ASTM C-387 1800psi mortar mix. Ready Mason Blended Type S is Ideal for laying concrete block, Brick, Stone, and making refractory mortar. Ready Mason Pre-Blended Type S comes in 80lb bags. One 80 pound bag of pre-mixed mortar will lay approximately 13 standard 8”x 8”x16” Concrete Block and approximately 38 Standard Concrete Bricks or Clay Bricks with a 3/8” Mortar joint.

Surface Preparation – For maximum bonding, surfaces should be clean and free of all paint, oil, grease, dirt and anything that will effect the bonding capabilities of the Masons Blend. When in doubt use a quality non-acrylic Bonding Agent like Tuf-Link. Directions for Mixing – Add 1.5 gallons of potable water to each 80lbs bag and mix thoroughly.