Clean Deep Earth Fill

Our Deep Earth, Clean Fill Dirt is a mined sub-soil, tan and brown color. Deep Earth Sub-soil is clean and compactable, clear of organic matter, rocks, debris, or other contamination. As it decays, Organic material in contaminated fill dirt will leave voids under your structure that can cause settling to occur, which may result in damage to the structure.

Beware of contractors offering to deliver cheap fill dirt, as you will generally get what you pay for. Cheap fill can seem like a bargain until you find out later that it is contaminated and it has to be removed.

Some common uses for Clean Fill Dirt include: Structural Back Fill, Foundation Fill, raising land grade to solve drainage problems, Berms, Fill for above ground swimming pools, and many more.

For leveling Pavers or Patio Stone however, we recommend using Lime Rock Screening or Concrete Screenings which compacts even better than Clean Fill Dirt.

We deliver Clean Fill Dirt by the yard, up to 24 yards per load. Smaller orders are welcome, and since we have a split bin on our dumps you can add in Top SoilMulchRiver Gravel, or any other Bulk Aggregate that we offer, to save on additional delivery charges.

For harder to reach areas, we can also deliver your materials in dump buckets via a Flatbed Truck with an All Terrain Forklift. For fast delivery 6 days a week, Call Carroll’s Building Materials Today…

fill dirt
fill dirt