Chocolate Mulch

The primary functions of mulch are to inhibit the growth of weeds, to prevent the soil from eroding, and to retain the soil’s moisture. Many gardeners choose Chocolate Mulch, our natural black mulch, as it offers some benefits over the others.

Chocolate Mulch is made from Melaleuca. As it decomposes it breaks down into dark organic matter which works into the soil like an additive, making the soil more permeable and releasing nutrients into the plants.

Chocolate Melaleuca Mulch also retards the growth of weeds and slows water evaporation. Chocolate Mulch also enriches the soil by encouraging beneficial earthworms and replenishing microbes.

The rich, coarse texture also makes it aesthetically appealing. In shady areas it provides the perfect contrast for your foliage, thereby brightening them up and making them stand out.