Landscaping materials for any project — You can order by the bag, or by the truckload. Whether you need a single rock, or thousands of sandbags, we have you covered.

How we can help you:

  • More choice: Over 80 varieties of bulk and bagged aggregates.
  • Unique Styles: Local and exotic stone, responsibly-harvested mulches, sand, shell, and much more — products of all sizes and colors.
  • Lower cost: Direct rail access, and our own fleet of trucks is one way Carroll’s stays extremely competitive in the bulk landscaping materials market, and we can pass those savings on to our customers.

Landscape Catalogue

Find the right product for the right look


Beach Pebbles

Bangle Striped


Brick Pavers

Brook Stone

Carribean Stone

Cedar Bark Stone

Coral Rock/Keystone


Black Canyon Granite

Tahitian Granite

Teton Green

Kewanee River Stone

Black Lava

Red Lava

Lime Rock

Marble Chips

Mesquite Stone

Mexican Beach


Hexagon Pavers

Polynesian Firelite

Rail Ties

River Gravel

River Slicks




Top Soil & Fill

White Beach Pebble

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