Concrete Pumping and Ready Mix Concrete

Single Source – Because we run our own fleet of concrete mixers, hydraulic line pumps, Flatbeds, and Dumps we can provide a single source for all phases of your Construction project. Imagine calling one Dispatcher and scheduling your footer and slab material, concrete for the footer and slab, block lintels/sills mortar and sand, and lintel pour with a line pump. We eliminate the hassle of scheduling with 2-3 different companies, saving you time and money.

We have a fleet of 24 + vehicles at your service. Our mobile ready mix concrete mixers can produce standard and specially mixes based on your job requirements.

Why Choose Carroll’s Concrete

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Quality Concrete Pumping

Founded in 1965, Carroll’s Building Materials provides quality mix on-site concrete, concrete pumping, and a variety of other Concrete Products and services to contractors and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Any size job

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From a driveway in Clearwater to a large project like the Corporate Center Four in Tampa, Florida where we provided Concrete Cell Fill, Pumping, Block, Mortar, Sand, we can handle any job, large or small.

Tampa Bay Area
Concrete Pumping

Carroll’s Building Materials provides concrete pumping to help our customers properly place concrete in hard to reach areas.The project shown here is the Seaport Condominiums in Tampa, Florida where we pumped over 2700 yards of Astm C476 cell Fill into eight 6-8 story buildings during an 18 month period.

Concrete & Pumping From One Source We have a fleet of 10 mobile Concrete Mixers and 5 Hydraulic Line Pumps at your service. Our mixer and pump operators work together every day so jobs run quick and smooth. You will only have to make one call when scheduling your next pour.

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