Duntex Spanish S Roof Tile

First some History – Spanish “S” Roof Tiles are descended of course from Spain. S Tile Roofs were also very popular in ancient Rome; this style of roofing is still common in Spain as well as anyplace on the globe that was touched by Spanish influence, including Morocco, the Philippines, Mexico, most of South America, the Caribbean and of course, former Spanish colonial possessions in present-day California, Louisiana and Florida.

Duntex Spanish “S” Roof Tiles have been made in Florida since the 1950’s and still make up over 70% of all the tiles on Florida roofs today. These tile where designed to last a life time unfortunately the underlayment was not. When leaks occur on a Spanish “s” Tile Roofs its is because the underlayment has failed. Repairing a Duntex Spanish “S” Roof is possible without a total re-roof. You must locate the leak remove the tile then repair the underlayment and replace the tile. The tile will be mortared to the granular underlayment on the roof, it is hard to remove them without breaking the Duntex Spanish “S” Tile but it can be done. Replacement Duntex Spanish “S” Tiles and the Roof Tile Mortar can be purchased at Carroll’s Building Materials. We stock 2 Colors of Duntex Spanish “S” Tile Grey and White.

Because of Code changes Duntex Spanish “S”  Roof Tiles can not be used for new construction, they can be used for repairs and re-roofs.