Coastal Caribbean Green Stone

Coastal Caribbean Green Stone is a very hard non-fading stone with a rare and beautiful blue green color. It is also known as Aventurine in the gem and mineral world labeled as such due to is resemblance to a type of Italian glass known as Aventurine. The name Aventurine comes from the Italian a ventura, meaning “by chance,” since it was thought that the unusual Italian glass was discovered by accident.

Coastal Caribbean Green Stone is impervious to the most severe elements and is non-toxic to fish and plants. It will retain its beautiful color and texture for many life times. Available in bulk super sacks, or in poly bags. Caribbean Green Stone comes in three sizes including 3/8” Coastal Caribbean Green Stone (Sized 3/8” Down), 3/4” Coastal Caribbean Green Stone (Sized 1/2” – 7/8”) and 1 1/2” Coastal Caribbean Green Stone (Sized 7/8” – 1 1/2”).

Coastal Caribbean Green Stone is used as cover in plant beds, as walk ways and in drive ways. This stone can also be used in stucco like Tabby Shell Stucco, only with stone. Consider this stone when designing water features, when this stone is wet it really shows its colors. Small quantities are welcome, we deliver Nationwide 6 days a week.

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