Caribbean Green Stone

As beautiful as the clear blue-green waters of the Caribbean. Caribbean Green Stone is a rare stone with a warm pleasing pastel of light to dark green with hints of rust brown. Caribbean Green Stone comes in a wide selection of profiles for your yard, garden or structure including stone for water features, ponds, dry landscape, ornamental stone, sculptures, columns, curbing, boulders, veneer building stone, tumbled ledge stone and retaining walls.

Caribbean Green Stone comes in the following sizes and profiles:

4” – 6” Bank and Shore Lining – can also be used for large ground cover or dry stream beds.


Wall Stone comes 2″ – 12″ Heights, 8″ – 16″ Depths, 8″ – 24″ Lengths These stones are hand picked and offer fairly flat top and bottom surfaces, An attractive, easy to build, permanent solution for retaining walls. When a pertinent mortar-less, dirt back-filled wall is desired build with a slight slope and carefully back-filled each layer.

Caribbean Green Boulders come in two styles: Landscape Boulders and Ocean Weathered Boulders. Both styles come in two sizes, small approximately 50 – 300 Lbs, and Large Boulders ranging from 300 Lbs – 10,000 Lbs.

Caribbean Green Columns are majestic specimen pieces 2′ – 6′ tall and 6″ or more in width. These Columns look excellent in a vertical group or as a stand alone sentinel.

Caribbean Green Steps and Risers come in 5″ – 8″ Heights, 14″ – 36″ Depths, 24″ – 60″ Lengths.

Caribbean Green Ocean Weathered Waterfall Flats

4″ – 12″ thickness, with rectangular to random surface areas of approximately 6 sq. ft. up to 20 sq. ft. Hand picked to approximate size per special order. These stones can also be used as a natural bridge.

Caribbean Green Ledge Stone and Tumbled Ledge Stone

2″ – 6″ heights, 6″ – 24″ lengths. An unusual and pleasing pastel green ranging from light to dark with some rust colored overtones. Tumbles Ledge Stones are machine tumbled to round and soften corners, giving each piece an antique look. Consider combing Caribbean Green Stone with Florida Keystone, Shell or Beach Pebbles for endless design possibilities.

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